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Welcome! My name is Dee and I am the founder and creator behind Dark Remedies.  I am a woman, a veteran, and a proud Latina!

 Ever since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder,  I knew I had to take care extra care of my mental health.  Having a self-care routine became very important to me and I decided to create candles and bath products as a therapeutic outlet to help deal with the struggles of bipolar disorder.  Taking the time to read books, specifically books with darker themes also helped because these stories discuss real issues that helped me cope, heal, and accept the darker parts of myself.  


Dark Remedies came to fruition from my desire to help others realize that we should always try to become better versions of ourselves, but it's okay to have a part of us that we don't always want to talk about and are hard to face.  Make some time for self-care, be patient with yourself, love yourself, and embrace your dark side!

I've learned that in order to live in our light, we need to find ourselves in the dark, and I hope Dark Remedies can help you do just that!  

Thank you for coming on this journey with me, and for any and all support!

With Love, 


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